Sunday, November 8, 2009

How to Recover Photos/Images Lost from Your Hard Drive

Though the safest digital data storage device so far, data stored on the hard drive, say photos, are always exposed to the danger of loss or corruption. No matter how they get lost or corrupted, in any case the computer's data backup program may be too inefficient to recover and restore the lost images. Finding oneself in such a fix, one starts to look out round for a rescuer in the form of some magical digital photo recovery software.

In fact, photographers, specially novices, are very frequently jolted to find their image folders empty or inaccessible, or the whole partition holding the images corrupted or and inaccessible. There are many possible factors that can make you end up in this shock.


The possible causes of the above problem include:
  • accidental deletion of the images or image folder.
  • accidental formatting of the partition or the entire hard drive,virus infection, etc.

Out of two possible solutions, If you have created a data backup of your system earlier. You can use that application for recover your photos lost due to drive formatting or virus infection. However, no new data should be written on the concerned partition or entire hard drive to avoid data overwriting. Overwritten data cannot be recovered.

If this program cannot serve the purpose, one's last recourse is some specially developed digital photo recovery software. Such programs are written using the latest data recovery technologies to cater to the photo recovery needs of the time.

Along this line, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery v3.2 recovers lost multimedia files of various formats from almost all storage media. Compatible with Windows and Apple Mac operating systems, this digital photo recovery application saves the recovered data in a user-specified location keeping the originals intact.

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